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The Friends of Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves (FCHAP) assist the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves (CHAP) staff in several ways. They support the volunteer water quality monitoring program, staff trainings and assist with applying for grants. FCHAP also purchased a new YSI EXO3 data sonde, complete with probes, for the CHAP data sonde program. This program has been actively sampling water quality in Matlacha Pass since 2005. In 2018 staff began to phase out old water quality monitoring instruments and upgrade to the latest technology that YSI had to offer, the EXO series sondes. A sonde is a multi-parameter data instrument that is deployed in the field for several weeks up to a month at a time. It samples the surrounding water every 15 minutes for various parameters including; dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, turbidity and pH. This water quality data is used by CHAP to assess water quality status and trends and is uploaded into the Water Atlas website as well as Florida’s Aquatic Preserves continuous water quality website. With FCHAP’s help CHAP staff were able to complete the transition at three sites to new, advanced instrumentation within Matlacha Pass.

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