FDEP Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves received a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Fishing for Energy grant in September 2019 to remove derelict fishing gear and other debris from four artificial reefs in the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves. A total of 4,262 lbs of debris was removed and turned into energy. Local partners helped make this project a success including the Lee County Volunteer Scientific Research Dive Team that assessed the reefs before and after removal; ScubaQuest provided dive gear; West Coast Inland Navigation District provided match and boat captain; Charlotte County assisted with assessments and removal efforts; Florida Marine Works and Fantasea Watersports sorted, catalogued and removed the debris; Covanta recycled the waste; Pelican Media produced the video. Funding was provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Fishing for Energy Program, with support from NOAA Marine Debris Program, Covanta and Schnitzer Steel.

Learn more by:

  • watching one of the videos on YouTube (10-minute video or 2:45 minute video) or on Facebook
  • read article in local magazine Water LIFE (page 22)